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What Is A Kundalini Awakening Syndrome? The Kundalini Awakening Syndrome is really important for yoga enthusiasts. Spotting the kundalini awakening symptoms is not easy because the changes will not be visible physically but mentally, inside their minds that is where the changes will occur and the physical effects will be spotted later on. These people who are into the yoga world have distinguished ten varieties if spiritual emergencies and one of the spiritual emergencies is called the kundalini awakening. A writer decided to write about the difference between spiritual emergency and psychosis because it has confused people a lot in the past years. A certain doctor wrote about the difference between a person that has a spiritual emergency and a person that has psychosis , the doctor wrote down some different symptoms about the two. The difference between the two is that the spiritual emergency is being challenged by the alter state of the person while psychosis causes a certain psychotic episode because the person is being overwhelmed by the alter ego inside him/her. The near-death-experience and out-of-body-experience will also trigger these symptoms because it will have a very negative effect on the person. This kundalini awakening symptom will attack the person’s sensory capabilities as well. A certain doctor mentioned that the kundalini syndrome is something that affects the spiritual self of a person, troubling the inner-self of a person. The symptoms will be clear on the top part of the skull, it will also attack the sensory and motor skills of a person. It will also be targeting the way a person associated the sounds and light inside as well as lower back disturbances and rapid heart rate. Sometimes a person may even lose heart rate and will have difficulties in breathing from the lungs to the lower abdomen. There will be multiple symptoms in the jerking of the head and neck area of a person and it will also be spontaneous, the person will not have any warning about this one as well as body pain that will start abruptly as well as stopping without a trace. A person will be very sexual in this time and full body orgasm will be associated with this person.
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A person who is having intense negative emotions as well as positive emotions is subject to this symptom. He or she will be having prolong feeling of excitement or happiness and on the other hand the person can also suffer from prolong feeling of sadness or anxiety. The body and mind will have changes inside as well as experiencing changes with regards to the mental and physical health of a person. It will also be about a person’s oneness with the universe.Lessons Learned About Wellness